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business Center & Lobby

hotel lobby
business corner
  • We have equipped computers There are computers in the business corner which is located in the first floor.
    So you can always carry out simple tasks.
  • You can use a Printer/Fax You can use printer and fax, and the extra charges are occurring.
meeting room
  • We provide the best service to customers The meeting room in our hotel will give you
    the relaxed atmosphere
    and the best service for small workshops
    or business meetings.
Meeting Room Information
Meeting Room Capacity(persons) Fees ( VAT 10% is not included )
Basic charge(3 hours) Additional charges (per hour) Officials first one (9 hours)
Meeting Room 10 ₩100,000 ₩50,000 ₩400,000
conference room
  • We provide various equipments We have equipped beam projector,
    high-speed wireless internet, printer,
    and office supplies in the conference room,
    which is suitable for the various meeting.
conference room Information
Conference Room The maximum pax If changes the structure Fees ( VAT 10% is not included )
SIZE(m2) Lecture Group Conference Basic charge(3 hours) Additional charges (per hour) 1, one official
85 48 people 6 people in each 6 group
4 people in each 10 group
24 people ₩200,000 ₩50,000 ₩500,000