Business center&Lobby
Business Center & Lobby There is a computer in the business center and 24-hours front desk at the lobby.
No matter of the time, customer can carry out their simple tasks at the lobby.
  • Operating time
    24-hours front desk 24-hours business center computer 24-hours saving luggage service
  • Price
    PRINT : 100KRW- 1EA (black and white) /
    1,000KRW - 1EA (Color)
    FAX : 1,000KRW- 1EA (Domestic) /
    2,000KRW - 1EA (Overseas)
    SCAN : Free
  • information guide
    Cost may incurred for the printer and fax services. If you require other services, please contact the front desk.
Inquiry 02-560-7100, 7101